Gunung Padang: Monument to Atlantis - 56 Minutes - DVD - $26

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article1When Dr. Danny Hilman Natawidjaja, PhD in geology from Cal Tech, began work at Gunung Padang on the island of Java a half dozen years ago, he had no idea he would discover there was once an ice age culture so advanced it was capable of building a giant pyramid reaching over 600 feet high into the Indonesian sky.

But mainstream scientists could not accept this. They believe that homo sapiens remained very primitive on our planet for 200,000 years with little or no development or population growth, and then, suddenly, about 11,000 years ago, they exploded both in population and cultural development.

In this documentary, we explore Dr. Natawidjaja’s discovery, asking “What if there were advanced civilizations other than our own, catastrophically destroyed leaving behind very little evidence of their existence?” In legends and stories of lost civilizations, such as Atlantis and Lemuria, we wonder if these are true accounts or cultural memory.

Dr. Natawidjaja, author of Plato Didn’t Lie, believes he knows where Atlantis is and exactly what happened to it. Lee Pennington and Jill Baker spent a month in Indonesia and Southeast Asia, looking at the evidence, researching and filming Gunung Padang, a structure in excess of 20,000 years old.

Gunung Padang: Monument to Atlantis startles you with evidence that our modern civilization is not the first, and neither will it be the last civilization. It also tells you the location of Atlantis—right where Plato said it was, in the Great Ocean beyond the Pillars of Hercules. How far beyond, Plato did not say.

Seafaring Strangers: Vikings in America, Part I - 56 Minutes - DVD - $20

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article1All over the Midwest there is evidence that suggests that Vikings penetrated deeply into the interior of North America. For the many grassroots researchers who spent years searching, finding and recording such evidence, they felt a certain loss as to why main stream experts did not pay attention. People like the late Marion Dahm spent his lifetime recording the location of what he termed “mooring holes,” a ubiquitous triangular shaped hole found often along waterways that grassroots people felt the Scandinavians used while penetrating the continent.

Often, when someone found what they felt was credible evidence, the harshness of the mainstream critics was intolerable. One such person, Olaf Ohman, who found the Kensington Rune Stone, saw his life reduced to shambles because of his discovery.

Lee Pennington and his late wife, Joy, traveled the Midwest interviewing key researchers and then to Scandinavia, Greenland, Iceland, Newfoundland and Labrador where they filmed major sites and objects that support the hypothesis that, as one of the Ohman sons said, “Them boys were here!”

Part I of this projected three part series establishes what the grassroots researchers found and how they looked at that evidence.

Bosnian Pyramids Hidden History - 55 Minutes - DVD - $26

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article1In 2005 Dr. Semir Osmanagich made a discovery in Visoko, Bosnia that shocked the world. He determined that what had been thought for years to be a 700 plus foot high hill was actually a man-made pyramid.

The scientific response was quick and severe. Bosnian archaeologists and historians declared the discovery a hoax. They were followed by nearly 100 archeologists, historians, and geologists from around the world signing a petition saying the structure was a natural hill and demanding that all research on the project be halted immediately.

Dr. Osmanagich was not to be deterred. Often using his own money and also making use of volunteers, as many as 400 per year, he continued excavating and researching the site.

The things he discovered are astounding. He found the Pyramid of Sun, a name he gave to the main structure, was covered with concrete blocks weighing several tons, and the structure has now been dated to about 30,000 years old. Underneath is a massive tunnel system that several thousand years ago was purposely filled up. Artifacts found include effigy dolls, strange stone tools, molds for human feet, and even writing—all at the 20,000 to 30,000 year old level.

Lee Pennington and Jill Baker went to Bosnia to research and film these incredibly ancient structures. Bosnian Pyramids Hidden History will amaze you with overwhelming evidence that “History is simply not what it used to be!”

Room To Fly: Ann Caudill's Album - 55 Minutes - DVD - $26

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article1Anne Caudill is a very special lady, one who has lived an extraordinary life.

At 89 years old, she still keeps a schedule that would simply scare the daylights out of most people. Her correspondence, reading, researching, writing, attending club meetings, cooking meals, hosting all sorts of things, being politically and community involved, are simply amazing.

Growing up in Cynthiana, Kentucky during the depression years, she was loved deeply by her extended family, but as she says, she was given plenty of "room to fly." And fly she did!

She went from being a much loved little girl in a tiny Kentucky town to being a superstar host for thousands of visitors from all over the world--everyone from newspaper reporters to presidents, from writers and artists to senators, from common people of Appalachia to famous people around the world--all this following the publication of Anne's late husband, Harry Caudill's Night Comes to the Cumberlands--a book that woke the world to Appalachia's problems.
All sorts of people came specifically to visit eastern Kentucky. President Lyndon Johnson came and launched his War on Poverty. Bobby Kennedy came for senate hearings on Poverty in America--Kennedy just two weeks before he died.   

Of the hoards that came to Appalachia, many were guests in the Caudill's modest little home in Whitesburg, Kentucky.  At least one set of visitors were probably Russian spies. As son James says, "The Russians were surprised to find we had poor people in this great capitalist country of ours."

Just one of Anne's guest books shows the names of more than 1,400 people, and she filled five guest books! Anne also notes,  "Everybody who came didn't sign." So the visitors numbered in  the thousands.

Anne's album is one of wonder. As you'll discover, Anne has a special, delightful way of telling her story.


Eyes That Look At The Sky: The Mystery Of Easter Island - 50 Minutes - DVD - $28

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Eyes That Look At The SkyEaster Island is the most remote piece of inhabited land on earth. Located midway between South America and Tahiti in the Pacific Ocean, the tiny island, three miles wide and twelve miles long, is the site of one of the world's great mysteries.

On this Island natives carved and erected stone statues called moai, sometimes moving great distances the several ton giants over rough terrain, never damaging them in the process. In addition, red top knots, weighing as much as two elephants, were raised and placed on many of the moais' heads. Archaeologists still have not been able to determine exactly how the statues were moved or how the top knots were raised thirty feet or more and placed on the moais. The mystery is deepened because at a certain point all the sculptors apparently laid down their stone hammers and stopped all work—leaving statues in various stages of completion at the quarry.

Who were these people? Where did they come from? Why did they exert such tremendous energy to create such wonders that even today leave us in awe? And why did they suddenly stop all their work? Lee and Joy Pennington made two trips to Easter Island to do the shooting for Eyes that Look at the Sky, and they captured some stunning pictures of this amazing culture and its incredible monoliths. The film is a comprehensive overview of Easter Island, her people, and her mystery, with some unique surprises along the way.

Good Water Good Roads: The Life Of Verne Spratt - 46 Minutes - DVD - $26

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Good Water Good RoadsBorn and raised in West Virginia, and having lived more than fifty years in Menifee County, Kentucky, Verne Spratt led a remarkable life. He once grubbed with a mattock seven acres of hillside land to farm. He worked thirty-one years in the coalmines where he escaped a slate fall, and a major buggy accident which broke his back. After he got black lung, he sought some peace and quiet in the hills of Eastern Kentucky. He was married to Ida Mae, the "prettiest girl" he ever saw, for more than fifty years. The couple first lived in a log cabin when they moved to Kentucky and then built a brick home on Clifton Creek where they were always "blessed with good water." On moving to Kentucky, the Spratts began a quest for John Swift's Lost Silver Mine and found on their thousand-acre property all the signs listed in Swift's diary. In their search they discovered many beautiful and mysterious rock houses, petroglyphs, and natural wonders that few people know anything about. They also discovered major archaeology sites - stone walls, rock mounds, and long serpentine walls. Their land may very well contain the longest stone snake effigy in the world. People who visit the sites often respond with "this is a lost city."

A storyteller incarnate, Verne Spratt told tales with a voice that carries the full richness of mountain speech, and what stories he had to tell. There are tales of getting kicked in the head by a mule, of a dog burying a pone of bread that a tiller digs up the next spring, and everybody thinks the pone is a stone, and of Mr. Spratt spending two years of his schooling in a garbage dump.

Shot over a three-year period and edited from more than twenty-five hours of raw footage, Good Water Good Roads: The Life of Verne Spratt captures the man and the place where he lived. The Eastern Kentucky fiddle music played by J.P. and Annadeene Fraley sets the mood for this sensitive portrayal. Mr. Spratt says of the tales, the legends, the incredible sites—"these are things being lost, and they should not be."

Let Me Not Drown On The Waters: Fred Rydholm, Michigan's "Mr Copper" - 34 Minutes - DVD - $24

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Let Me Not Drown On The WatersFred Rydholm for more than 70 years has pursued the question of what happened to the massive amount of ancient copper mined between 5,000 BC and 1200 BC in the UP of Michigan and on Isle Royale.

His lifetime research has taken him to places around the world looking for answers to haunting questions raised by evidence of Old World, pre-Columbian contact with the Americas. He's a well-respected historian, having written the classic, Superior Heartland A Backwoods History, consisting of more than 1500 pages of unique and fascinating information. Reading the book is like sitting in front of the fireplace and hearing the pioneers themselves tell their own stories. His most recent book, Michigan Copper The Untold Story, contains a great wealth of evidence supporting diffusion. Fred is also a consummate storyteller, a trait instantly seen when you're around him only a few moments. He simply has that innate ability to uplift you with joy and laughter.

Let Me Not Drown on the Waters: Fred Rydholm Michigan's "Mr. Copper" sets out to capture the essence of this unique and deeply loved man from Marquette.

Some Days You Clean; Some Days You Litter: The Amazing Warner Sizemore - 52 Minutes - DVD - $26

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Some Days You Clean; Some Days You Litter: The Amazing Warner SizemoreThere is only one word to describe Dr . Warner Sizemore. That word is Amazing.

This octogenarian has and continues to live a life absolutely filled to the brim. An ordained minister, a college professor, a degreed naturopath, a scientist, a writer, a diverse artist, a learned homeopath, a renowned researcher, an explorer of the universe and all her mysterious questions, Dr. Sizemore's is simply astounding.

He has never been afraid to take the big risk. Once, after reading Ages in Chaos and Worlds in Collision by Immanuel Velikovsky, Dr. Sizemore's life changed. He literally dropped everything-- his job, his position as an ordained Presbyterian minister, and took his whole family to Trenton, NJ, and for the next 30 years he was the right hand man of the most controversial scientist of the 20th Century--Immanuel Velikovsky.

It was a move Dr. Sizemore never regretted because it launched his study and better understanding of a thousand and one new subjects. Along the way, he uncovered many a genius who was either forgotten or ignored by the establishment. He also made exciting discoveries of everything from implosion technology to the healing effects of vortex water.

There is hardly a subject that this man has not researched and explored.

Some Days You Clean; Some Days You Litter: The Amazing Warner Sizemore sets out to discover who this man is and what he's all about. It's a journey you will never forget.

And we've got odds somewhere around a hundred to one that you'll come away from this film not only learning tons about this amazing man, Dr. Warner Sizemore, but you may also realize some very important things, even life-changing things, about yourself.

The Mound Builders - 51 Minutes - DVD - $28

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The Mound BuildersWhen the first European settlers began moving into the interior of the American continent, they discovered thousands and thousands of massive earthworks of all sizes, shapes and forms. The Native Americans who were questioned about the mounds said that they didn't know who built them, but that the mounds were ancient. Since the native population apparently knew nothing of the structures, the settlers assumed that the mounds were built by a different race of people. Modern archaeologists discounted the idea of a different race building the mounds and said they were built by ancestors of Native Americans without the help or influence of any outside people. Some anomalies found in the mounds, if authentic, would suggest otherwise.

Although scholars have done nearly two hundred years of study, the mounds still hold many of their secrets. Some things, however, are known about the mounds. For example, North America had more pyramids, although made of dirt rather than stone, than did Egypt. Skeletons of one mound building group were seven feet tall. There were at least four different mound-building peoples—designated by archeologists as: Mississippian, Adena, Hopewell, and Effigy. Ten years in the making, The Mound Builders is perhaps the most comprehensive video ever done on the mounds.

Secret Of The Stones - 36 Minutes - DVD - $26

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Secret Of The StonesHigh in the Andes Mountains is evidence that an advanced civilization existed thousands of years ago - predating the Egyptians by some 10,000 years. Legends say these people were connected to a traveling, bearded stranger who brought civilization and the development of arts to the region and greatly influenced every single Andean culture, including the Incas. We are most familiar with the Inca civilization in South America. These were the magnificent people met by the Europeans at first contact in the 16th Century. Their style of stonework is recognizable the world over.

The curious thing, however, is that the Inca Empire only lasted barely a century and one begins to suspect that the sheer amount of stonework, both in the cyclopean structures of the ancient cities and the great road networks that extend more that 15,000 miles would have taken longer than a hundred years to construct. Secret of the Stones is the quest for the mysterious Andean Viracocha who is said to have built many of these stone structures.

The Serpent Fort: Solving The Mystery Of Fort Mountain, Georgia - 32 Minutes - DVD - $24

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The Serpent FortRunning along the summit of a mountain in north Georgia, near Chatsworth, is an ancient stone wall that has, for hundreds of years, baffled amateurs and professionals alike.

Who built this wall and when? What was its purpose?

The Cherokees say the wall was built by a blue eyed, light complexioned people they called "Moon Eyed." Some say the Welsh Prince Madoc built the wall. Some say the explorer Desota built it. Some say the Indians. No one knows for certain. For years the great stone wall held tightly to its secrets. Finally, the stones began to speak and to share their secrets; you will be amazed by what they had to say.

Tunnel Of Time: A Tribute To Marion Dahm - 22 Minutes - DVD - $26

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Tunnel Of TimeMarion Dahm was the dean of grassroots Viking research in the United States. For more than half his life, he pursued the burning question: Did Norsemen penetrate the interior of North America? He tracked down every lead for bits and pieces of evidence - artifacts such as bronze spear points, iron axes, and medieval swords. Most of all, he was constantly on the trail of the mysterious triangular-shaped hole which he was certain was a mooring hole and evidence, he felt, was the calling card of the Vikings.

He, with the help of all sorts of people, located over 400 of these strange holes, which he photographed and recorded. Believing the Kensington rune stone was an authentic document of history, for more than forty years Marion scuba dived in Norway Lake where he had information that another, similar rune stone lay hidden. Tunnel of Time is a glimpse of the man whose very destiny was to search for the Vikings, a people traditional archaeologists and historians said couldn't exist in the place Marion found much evidence to suggest otherwise.

Tell City: The First 50 Years - 24 Minutes - DVD - $24

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Tell CityTell City, IN, was a planned city from the get go. In 1856 Swiss and German immigrants in Cincinnati, Ohio formed the Swiss Colonization Society specifically to purchase land to make a city. Scouting trips were made into the states of Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Kansas, and Nebraska. The society did not want to locate in a slave state, so when they were ready to begin negotiations in Missouri, word came that land was available in Indiana. They purchased a little over 4,000 acres and at first called their city Helvetia, a poetic name for Switzerland. They soon changed the name to Tell City (some said it was easier for the English speaking people to remember and pronounce). It was named after William Tell, a legendary Swiss hero and liberator.

In less than a year, the Cannelton Reporter called Tell City a marvel and noted that 1500 citizens had arrived and built "11 miles of streets, 70 foot wide through the forest; and 300 houses." All this had been accomplished in a mere six months. Tell City became a river boomtown, instantly an industrial city depending on the Ohio River for exports and imports. With the coming of the railroads, the need for the river dissipated. One thing remained constant - the furniture business, and in particular, the making of chairs for which Tell City became world famous. Tell City: The First Fifty Years is a sensitive look at the people whose dreams of a city were fulfilled and the place that at one time rivaled Louisville, Kentucky, a much larger city just up river.

Wales History In Bondage - 54 Minutes - DVD - $28

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Wales History In BondageSuppose there were records indicating your country had a rich and important history dating back some three thousand years, and the traditional scholars failed to recognize, or even worse, completely ignored those records. Suppose also that the most famous king in the world, your country's most famous native son, is described by scholars as "probably a myth" or, at best, "a legend based on some minor Roman soldier." Such is the case with Wales.

Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett, Welsh historians, have spent nearly fifty years researching their country's historic records and documenting their shocking findings. Their discoveries prove that not only did King Arthur exist but he and his brother, Prince Madoc, with a fleet of seven hundred ships sailed west from Milford Haven to a place called Annwn, "that which is beyond," or "the other world." Annwn was probably the same place the Spanish called "the New World." Wales History in Bondage is a definitive documentary that focuses on Wales' covered-up history. Filmed on location, the video provides an astounding uncovering of Wales - the only indigenous culture in Europe that had a written literature during the sixth century. If you're of Welsh descent or if you just want to find out more about the Welsh story and their very real King of the Round Table, Wales History in Bondage is a documentary you'll want to seriously consider.